Dear Parents-to-Be: Stop Celebrating Your Baby’s Gender

But I cannot stomach the latest fad of the knocked-up set: gender-reveal parties. The It’s A Boy/It’s A Girl fetes have been an economic boon to stationary companies and party supply stores nationwide; a search for “gender reveal” on Etsy yields 46,711 results. One former supervisor of a high-end bakery in Champaign, Illinois, told me she received queries about gender-reveal cakes once or twice a week. But despite the popularity, the ritual is a lot like a rousing game of Pin-The-Umbilical-Cord-On-The-Newborn: cutesy in theory, taxing in practice.

At a time when work, family obligations and, you know, the dismantling of patriarchal social structuresare stretching us all thinner than Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables, why are we focusing our energies on yet another afternoon of baby bagatelle? Laugh as we throw sperm confetti at mom-to-be! Eat from this bassinet-shaped fruit tray! Cast your vote for the sex of our fetus!  Click next page to see more…

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