12 Amazing Foods That Will Give You Stunning Skin!

When you see someone walking down the street with perfect skin it can be easy to think that they are just ‘lucky’. However, the truth is that taking care of your skin is a full time job and you really do need to work at it to make it happen. As it turns out, your diet is the most important factor to the health of your body as well as the health of your skin. While your main goal may not be quick weight loss, many of these skin remedies can actually help lose weight easy in the long run. Listed below are 12 of the best foods you can eat to help clear up your skin.

Olive Oil.

The key for rapid weight loss tips as well as skincare exceptionality will revolve around how well you integrate olive oil into your diet. We aren’t kidding! Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants which include polyphenols. Almost 3/4ths of the fat that you’ll find in olive oil is of the monounsaturated variety which also helps your skin out. Skip the heavy pasta sauces and reach for olive oil at your next dinner.


If you are looking for lose weight programs that help your skin and give you something sweet — look no further. Strawberries can make an excellent part of your diet thanks to how loaded they are with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is instrumental in fighting wrinkles and dry skin thanks to their affinity to rumbling with free radicals. Add as many Vitamin C loaded foods as you want into your diet and you’ll see immediate results on your skin. Strawberries may be a little bit expensive but they are low in calories and absolutely flexible in how you can serve them with your meals.

Dark Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate is the hidden treat of the food world thanks to how healthy it is when eaten in moderation. Dark Chocolate is filled with antioxidants thanks to the appearance of cocoa flavanols in the food. Though dark chocolate is excellent in small doses you can easily consume too many calories without realizing it. The sweet spot for dark chocolate in your diet is around 1 ounces of chocolate per serving. 1 ounce of the delicious stuff will weigh in at nearly 150 calories.

Green Tea.

Fixing your skin can be as simple as addressing the kind of drinks that you are imbibing. Do you have a ton of sugar filled drinks in your diet? Are you sucking down processed drinks that are so sweet they’ll rot your teeth? Instead of soda pop or other sweet teas you should try drinking more Green Tea. Green tea is filled with elements that fight inflammation, poor digestion, aging lines, and even cancer. Antioxidants are all the rage, so get the best ones that you can.


Healthy oatmeal can be a perfect way to start your day. Not only is oatmeal loaded up with vitamins and nutrients, but it is also flexible enough that you can incorporate other great foods (like strawberries) with little to no effort. Stay away from refined sugars, white carbs, and sweet boxed oatmeal. Instead, focus on fruit filled oatmeal that utilizes brown sugar for sweetness.


Kale is all of the rage right now in the world of healthy foods and for good reason. Kale is loaded to the brim with zeaxanthin and lutein and these antioxidants go a heck of a long way toward preventing bad things from happening to your skin. Kale may be tough to work into a ton of dishes but just remember that a single cup will give you 130% of your needed Vitamin A and C. If you want to flavor up your kale a little bit you can make kale chips by placing it on a pan and baking in the oven with a little bit of seasoning.



Rarely do people rush to the grocery store to buy pumpkins but we might be able to get your interest up. Pumpkins possess carotenoids which give them their orange color while also helping to keep your skin looking clear. Carotenoids are an antioxidant that work hard at fighting free radicals and preventing them from doing damage to your skin cells. You’ll also get plenty of your C, A, and E vitamins to round out the nutrients for this tasty treat. Pumpkins aren’t very flexible when it comes to working with them in your kitchen so make sure that you bring out the cook books to try and figure some dishes out. We are particularly fond of pumpkin squash spaghetti!



This seafood dish isn’t likely to make your weekly kitchen meal plan but it might not be a bad idea to consider it. Oysters are probably your best opportunity to load up on zinc thanks to the nearly 100% DV of zinc per oyster. Zinc is integral in the functionality of your skin cells as well as their own very growth. Research shows that people with chronic acne issues tend to be low on zinc. Could this be just what you needed to fix your skin while fixing your diet? If you can’t go for oysters for whatever reason, you can instead opt for zinc vitamins to try and round out your intake. Just be warned that vitamins aren’t and won’t ever be as efficient as an actual meal will be, so you might not end up getting the full DV of the vitamin that you elect to take in order to cove your zinc intake.



This fruit is a pretty tough sell to some people but it really shouldn’t be. Pomegranates are world class sources of antioxidants thanks to the juice that comes from the actual fruit itself. While you can scoop out a pomegranate and eat it right at the kitchen table, you also have other options. One option is to use pomegranate juice as a scrub for your skin which will, in turn, help to clear out dead skin cells from clogging up your pores. If you spend any amount of time on the internet you’ll be able to find a few great recipes for different scrubs.



You don’t have to give up coffee for this program! If you want to get clearer skin then you can keep on drinking coffee, you just have to keep your habit in check. If you do decide to drink coffee consistently, you will want to keep your total consumption under 28 cups per week according to scientific research. Along that same note you will also want to avoid drinking the highly processed, sugar laden coffee that you can get at certain franchise stores all over your city. Those special coffee drinks are loaded with just about everything bad for your skin. Regular coffee, with minimal input, can also lead to fighting a type of skin cancer and did you know that skin cancer is the most common form there is?


Eggs are pretty much the golden little workhorses of the grocery store. For a long time eggs were maligned thanks to the fight against cholesterol but times have changed thanks to research. Eggs are protein packed, low cal foods that help to fight against aging skin. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that increasing your fat intake by a mere 17 grams, of which eggs will give you plenty, will reduce your risk of new wrinkles by almost 30%. Get out the scale and start weighing your egg consumption! The best part of eggs is that you can use them in so many different dishes and you can also incorporate so many other ingredients to your meal that will help fight against skin degradation.

Red Wine.

We are going to close out our list on a mega positive note: Red Wine. Red wine is definitely a solid part of your skin care routine so long as you keep the drink in moderation. Red wine possesses a ton of antioxidants and these go a long way toward fighting the free radicals that tear down your skin cells and make aging quite tough to get through. Even though most red wine will look the same, they aren’t all made the same. Make sure to spend some time researching wine options before heading out to the grocery store and making a purchase.

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