3 Ways Your Cat Asks For Help

We all want our cats to live a long, healthy life. Now, one veterinarian says he’s found the secret.

“After my beautiful cat Zots died from a bladder infection at age 9, I vowed to find a way to help cats live healthier, longer, lives,” said Dr. Marty Goldstein. “My next cat, Squeeki, lived to be 23 years old, and my other cat, The Geeter, lived to 24.”

According to Dr. Marty — a world-famous veterinarian who has appeared on Oprah, Martha Stewart, and news programs across the country — there is one specific thing in most cats’ diets that could be wreaking havoc on their health.

This, in turn, can lead to issues with shedding, digestion, vomiting, fatigue, urinary issues, and a host of other problems… Go next to see more.

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